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I'm a native Londoner and, among other things, I draw little pictures and design and make jewellery (though until we find a new house with space for a workshop that's firmly on the back burner at the moment as chemicals, metal filings & toddlers don't mix!). I also like to cook, write, read and make and do. Thanks so much for popping by, its lovely to have you!


My name is Mally, short for Mallowry.

London is my home town. I love walking (briskly!) through the city, along the river and around our brilliant parks.

I lived for a while in Whitstable and dream of one day moving back to the coast. The sea is good for the soul.


my small boy, food, friends, tea, the sea, the smell of spring, words, art and architecture, northern european light, american style hazlenut coffee, chilly autumn mornings, pleasure and beauty in everyday things, tunes, scandistyle, learning to live gently, sparkly shoes { *especially* sparkly red ones} make-and-do, parks and woods and grass as far as the eye can see. daffodils - surely the happiest flowers ever.